So good ol’ Francis of The Soul is Not a Smithy writes:

I’ve found a great way to become motivated to do something though, and here it is.

Step 1: Start a blog.

Step 2: Tell the people reading it what the bloody fuck you are going to do with it.

And despite being one crass Guinness-swilling bogtrotter, he’s nailed it.  (Here I was going try to emulate his style, but I’d be a lesser man for it.)  The reason for this blog is to keep me on track with my goals.  Once again, they were:

  1. Health (that slippery word that means squat), specifically:  To move from 190 lbs at 28% bodyfat with a 39″ waist (at 5’8″) to 165 lbs, 15%, and a 34″ waist.  Also, to cut out a nasty nicotine addiction and to cut way back on caffeine (even to the point of foregoing anything except tea and water).  Posts on this subject will be found every Tuesday, starting April 9.
  2. Reading: This project will cover a selection of classics as well as modern-day books of note.  A detailed outline of the reading project will appear this Friday, April 5th.  The first post in the classics series will be on Plato’s Republic and appear on April 10.  Other book reviews will start appearing on April 8th.  Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Workweek will be the first victim.
  3. Business and Money:  This project is on hold until further notice, but posts may sporadically appear.
  4. Spanish:  I’m learning Spanish and will have a multi-part series on my methods, beginning April 11th.

Nota bene: Follow Francis’s hillarious and uncouth blog here.

Rome wasn’t built in a day ken.



This is what I get for checking my reader after I write a post.  Robert Koch, blogging at 30 Days to X, seems to be doing some similar projects to mine.  Since we’re covering some of the same territory, and he’s beat me to it by a day, check out his 4th Challenge on his site.  Also, a short review of his short book is in the queue.