The Captain writes:

I tried reading this article, but couldn’t focus for some reason.

The article he links to and the NYT obit that it references are certainly infuriating.  While I wasn’t familiar with Weider’s story, I have heard his name mentioned throughout the fitness community.  Here was a man who created something from nothing and in the process helped many thousands of people, inspired many many more through greats like Arnold and Lou… and the Times smears him in the first sentence.  Good for them.  The more they show their hand, the quicker the lukewarm will learn what the Cathedral really thinks of them.

The goal, like all modernism, is nothing less than a leveling down of all differences.  To deny sexual dimorphism by promoting false weakness in men, and at the same time promoting grrl power and other masculinizing traits in women, acts to ruin relations between the sexes.  There is one purpose behind this: to destroy the family, and therefore any form of organic society.  Leaving only one relationship possible: between man and the State.  Therefore, anyone who promotes what is natural, what has existed for thousands of years, must be ruthlessly torn down, in order to form the new man, and encourage a more perfect…well, you know.

What Weider’s story illustrates: greatness, attempts at greatness, and/or busting your ass if you are not one of the golden ones, will get you a hefty dose of derision from people who aren’t qualified to carry your jock-strap.

So, what is to be done?  Rule one, don’t let the bastards get you down.