Do you have a dollar?

If so, go right this minute and buy this book.  I’ll wait.

Did you?  Good.  Now the bad news:  This isn’t a long-winded, 395 page book extolling the virtues of lifestyle design.  This isn’t a professionally marketed and published, polished book that is going to take hours to read.  You won’t learn about the author’s grand adventures. No, what you’ll get is this (the good news):

Koch’s book is a short, lunch-break read, that’s for those who want just the facts.  He challenges you take on four main tasks, and I believe that his promise of “incredible results” in merely 30 days, is no lie.  His blog is living proof of the power of 30 day challenges.

So, what are these four tasks?  Simple: reading, writing, exercise and diet.  Simple, but not easy.

Many Americans read zero, few, or downright trashy books that would be better used as toilet paper.  Koch challenges you to read 5 in that first month.

Koch challenges you to write.  I’d say, go for the gold and start a blog.

And for the last two challenges, read his book.  His unique insights should get you moving in the right direction.

Finally, Koch recommends 5 Compliments that will only aid you in your journey.  I’d recommend doing as many as you can, for at least 30 days.

Go buy his book, ACT on it, and pat yourself on the back for supporting an up-and-coming blogger.