Just a few quick quotes from the section, Women and The Family:

“[We must] mate the best of our men with the best of our women as often as possible, and the inferior men with the inferior women as seldom as possible, and bring up only the offspring of the best.”

This is why Game is a threat.  “Inferior” men could learn how to seduce those “best women” and:

“…we shall regard him as putting upon the state a child that is a bastard on both civil and religious grounds”

State-sanctioned child rearing, only.  Speaking of:

“Each generation of children will be taken by officers appointed for the purpose, who may be men or women or both…These officers will take the children of the better Guardians to a nursery and put them in charge of nurses living in a separate part of the city;”

For comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3qtpdSQox0 “we haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children”

“the children of the inferior Guardians, and any defective offspring of the others, will be quietly and secretly disposed of.

There you have it:  Gosnell, 380 BC.  If you’d like to know where the agenda comes from, go back to the beginning.  See why I called it evil?  Oh and speaking of evil, grab the Pepto and read the Gosnell docs.