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Thanks to Free Northerner for his link love.

And now, with the honor of having my page views spike, I’ve got some news:  yes, I realize this is a very young blog, and I’m probably committing blogocide by doing it, but I’ve got to go on hiatus for a little bit.  When family calls…

I shall return with 2 posts on Plato and the first on Aristotle (which I’m very excited about!).  See ya’all  May 13, when I shall begin posting regularly and trying to actually work on this thing.


“A dead language is more likely to be understood in exactly the same way in all times and places.” – The Trivium, Sister Miriam Joseph

While reading, I came upon this quote.  Inspiration struck.  Since a fundamental aspect of the current battle being waged between progressives and traditionalists is one of language, wouldn’t a neoreaction be aided immensely through the use of a language which is immutable? I can think of historical examples of languages which, though dead* within their cultures, remained relatively free of linguistic drift.  The best examples are the liturgical languages of the world’s major religions:

  • Classical Arabic – IIRC Muslims are obliged to read the Koran in the original language.
  • Latin – Used in the Catholic Church for centuries, its use for Mass has only recently faded.
  • Pali – In Theravada Buddhism
  • Koine Greek and Church Slavonic (among others) – In Orthodox Christianity
  • Sanskrit – In Hinduism** (although spoken in minor numbers)
  • Classical Hebrew – In Judaism
  • Classical Chinese – Confucian and Taoist texts

Imagine if a document such as the US Constitution was composed in Latin!  While I do admit that various translation errors could crop up, the necessity of studying Latin for constitutional lawyers could impose a strong(er) set of firewalls against legal activism.

“si bene moratae militie est necesse cujus securitati rei publicae, iure de populo custodire et arma ferre non erit infringere.” ***


* There seems to be disagreement about whether languages still in use, actually die.  However, the point is made that there are no “native speakers” of Latin or Church Slavonic.

** Tamil, a very much alive language with over 70 million speakers is also used; furthermore, there appear to be a few tens of thousands of Sanskrit speakers in India.

*** U.S. Const. am. 2, hastily translated by Google Translate.  Maybe inaccurate, mea culpa.  It’s been half a decade since I’ve studied Latin.

Do you have a dollar?

If so, go right this minute and buy this book.  I’ll wait.

Did you?  Good.  Now the bad news:  This isn’t a long-winded, 395 page book extolling the virtues of lifestyle design.  This isn’t a professionally marketed and published, polished book that is going to take hours to read.  You won’t learn about the author’s grand adventures. No, what you’ll get is this (the good news):

Koch’s book is a short, lunch-break read, that’s for those who want just the facts.  He challenges you take on four main tasks, and I believe that his promise of “incredible results” in merely 30 days, is no lie.  His blog is living proof of the power of 30 day challenges.

So, what are these four tasks?  Simple: reading, writing, exercise and diet.  Simple, but not easy.

Many Americans read zero, few, or downright trashy books that would be better used as toilet paper.  Koch challenges you to read 5 in that first month.

Koch challenges you to write.  I’d say, go for the gold and start a blog.

And for the last two challenges, read his book.  His unique insights should get you moving in the right direction.

Finally, Koch recommends 5 Compliments that will only aid you in your journey.  I’d recommend doing as many as you can, for at least 30 days.

Go buy his book, ACT on it, and pat yourself on the back for supporting an up-and-coming blogger.

This one is going to be short, very short.  The Captain explains why bloggers should be good at backscratching, not nickel-and-diming fellow bloggers:

The Great Barter Mistake of Bloggers

All the more poignant since I did my taxes today.

The Captain writes:

I tried reading this article, but couldn’t focus for some reason.

The article he links to and the NYT obit that it references are certainly infuriating.  While I wasn’t familiar with Weider’s story, I have heard his name mentioned throughout the fitness community.  Here was a man who created something from nothing and in the process helped many thousands of people, inspired many many more through greats like Arnold and Lou… and the Times smears him in the first sentence.  Good for them.  The more they show their hand, the quicker the lukewarm will learn what the Cathedral really thinks of them.

The goal, like all modernism, is nothing less than a leveling down of all differences.  To deny sexual dimorphism by promoting false weakness in men, and at the same time promoting grrl power and other masculinizing traits in women, acts to ruin relations between the sexes.  There is one purpose behind this: to destroy the family, and therefore any form of organic society.  Leaving only one relationship possible: between man and the State.  Therefore, anyone who promotes what is natural, what has existed for thousands of years, must be ruthlessly torn down, in order to form the new man, and encourage a more perfect…well, you know.

What Weider’s story illustrates: greatness, attempts at greatness, and/or busting your ass if you are not one of the golden ones, will get you a hefty dose of derision from people who aren’t qualified to carry your jock-strap.

So, what is to be done?  Rule one, don’t let the bastards get you down.

So good ol’ Francis of The Soul is Not a Smithy writes:

I’ve found a great way to become motivated to do something though, and here it is.

Step 1: Start a blog.

Step 2: Tell the people reading it what the bloody fuck you are going to do with it.

And despite being one crass Guinness-swilling bogtrotter, he’s nailed it.  (Here I was going try to emulate his style, but I’d be a lesser man for it.)  The reason for this blog is to keep me on track with my goals.  Once again, they were:

  1. Health (that slippery word that means squat), specifically:  To move from 190 lbs at 28% bodyfat with a 39″ waist (at 5’8″) to 165 lbs, 15%, and a 34″ waist.  Also, to cut out a nasty nicotine addiction and to cut way back on caffeine (even to the point of foregoing anything except tea and water).  Posts on this subject will be found every Tuesday, starting April 9.
  2. Reading: This project will cover a selection of classics as well as modern-day books of note.  A detailed outline of the reading project will appear this Friday, April 5th.  The first post in the classics series will be on Plato’s Republic and appear on April 10.  Other book reviews will start appearing on April 8th.  Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Workweek will be the first victim.
  3. Business and Money:  This project is on hold until further notice, but posts may sporadically appear.
  4. Spanish:  I’m learning Spanish and will have a multi-part series on my methods, beginning April 11th.

Nota bene: Follow Francis’s hillarious and uncouth blog here.

Rome wasn’t built in a day ken.



This is what I get for checking my reader after I write a post.  Robert Koch, blogging at 30 Days to X, seems to be doing some similar projects to mine.  Since we’re covering some of the same territory, and he’s beat me to it by a day, check out his 4th Challenge on his site.  Also, a short review of his short book is in the queue.

Writing is challenging.  Having come from an academic environment, (twice), I am learning that good writing for blogs, good writing for papers, and writing that people want to read are quite different.  In fact, my writing, though missing atrocious typos, thus far, is, for lack of a better word, crap.  Run on sentences, anybody?  Also… how do I use this comma thing?

And that’s when I’m reminded to keep plowing ahead.  Four posts in, and I’m already beginning to see how I can improve things.

For more on the subject, check out:

Since this site is primarily a log for my own personal pleasure, I’m going to detail four projects I’m working towards, in anticipation of my 30th Birthday.  There are approximately 58 weeks until I turn 30 in early May, 2014.  Here they are:

  1. Health
  2. Reading
  3. Business
  4. Language

More details to follow, plus a description of what this blog is about and posting schedule, coming soon.

Just wanted to say hello and thank Matt Forney for the impetus to start a place for my own brain-farts.

View his post here:

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