The Captain writes:

I tried reading this article, but couldn’t focus for some reason.

The article he links to and the NYT obit that it references are certainly infuriating.  While I wasn’t familiar with Weider’s story, I have heard his name mentioned throughout the fitness community.  Here was a man who created something from nothing and in the process helped many thousands of people, inspired many many more through greats like Arnold and Lou… and the Times smears him in the first sentence.  Good for them.  The more they show their hand, the quicker the lukewarm will learn what the Cathedral really thinks of them.

The goal, like all modernism, is nothing less than a leveling down of all differences.  To deny sexual dimorphism by promoting false weakness in men, and at the same time promoting grrl power and other masculinizing traits in women, acts to ruin relations between the sexes.  There is one purpose behind this: to destroy the family, and therefore any form of organic society.  Leaving only one relationship possible: between man and the State.  Therefore, anyone who promotes what is natural, what has existed for thousands of years, must be ruthlessly torn down, in order to form the new man, and encourage a more perfect…well, you know.

What Weider’s story illustrates: greatness, attempts at greatness, and/or busting your ass if you are not one of the golden ones, will get you a hefty dose of derision from people who aren’t qualified to carry your jock-strap.

So, what is to be done?  Rule one, don’t let the bastards get you down.


So good ol’ Francis of The Soul is Not a Smithy writes:

I’ve found a great way to become motivated to do something though, and here it is.

Step 1: Start a blog.

Step 2: Tell the people reading it what the bloody fuck you are going to do with it.

And despite being one crass Guinness-swilling bogtrotter, he’s nailed it.  (Here I was going try to emulate his style, but I’d be a lesser man for it.)  The reason for this blog is to keep me on track with my goals.  Once again, they were:

  1. Health (that slippery word that means squat), specifically:  To move from 190 lbs at 28% bodyfat with a 39″ waist (at 5’8″) to 165 lbs, 15%, and a 34″ waist.  Also, to cut out a nasty nicotine addiction and to cut way back on caffeine (even to the point of foregoing anything except tea and water).  Posts on this subject will be found every Tuesday, starting April 9.
  2. Reading: This project will cover a selection of classics as well as modern-day books of note.  A detailed outline of the reading project will appear this Friday, April 5th.  The first post in the classics series will be on Plato’s Republic and appear on April 10.  Other book reviews will start appearing on April 8th.  Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Workweek will be the first victim.
  3. Business and Money:  This project is on hold until further notice, but posts may sporadically appear.
  4. Spanish:  I’m learning Spanish and will have a multi-part series on my methods, beginning April 11th.

Nota bene: Follow Francis’s hillarious and uncouth blog here.

Rome wasn’t built in a day ken.



This is what I get for checking my reader after I write a post.  Robert Koch, blogging at 30 Days to X, seems to be doing some similar projects to mine.  Since we’re covering some of the same territory, and he’s beat me to it by a day, check out his 4th Challenge on his site.  Also, a short review of his short book is in the queue.

Writing is challenging.  Having come from an academic environment, (twice), I am learning that good writing for blogs, good writing for papers, and writing that people want to read are quite different.  In fact, my writing, though missing atrocious typos, thus far, is, for lack of a better word, crap.  Run on sentences, anybody?  Also… how do I use this comma thing?

And that’s when I’m reminded to keep plowing ahead.  Four posts in, and I’m already beginning to see how I can improve things.

For more on the subject, check out:

Every Sunday, I will be posting links of the various blogs I follow. Some will be new, some will be oldies, but all are highly recommended by me. If you’d like to be included in the link love, please contact me on my about page.

Here are this week’s dispatches:

While I don’t agree with everything Matt Forney posts, his thoughts on Tim Ferriss are required reading to see the other side of lifestyle design.

“Anyone who has anything here got it because they worked for it. Like in the real world, success in the world of online hustling is dependent on what your strengths are, how you leverage them, and who you network with. There are no shortcuts or loopholes beyond those that will help you learn the basics faster.”

My own review of The Four Hour Workweek will be coming soon.  Plus, check out Matt’s blog and his new book.

Game is not merely about being good with women. The reality is, talking to people is a skill, among many, that men should develop. Roosh is one of the godfathers of game, and everything he posts should be weighed by men who may or may not have success in this department. In these two articles, Roosh discusses the basics of how to put in the work with women and what a young man (or any man for that matter) should do to improve his station in life.

Aaron Clarey (aka Captain Capitalism) is a Minnesota based writer extraordinaire who blogs primarily on men’s issues and economics.  In this best-of, Clarey discusses how bad the system really is for many guys, what is happening to whole generations of younger men, and why one ought to “enjoy the decline“.

Speaking of which, check out his book on this subject.

While Vigilante R personally eschews violence, Jack Donovan’s take on the recent gun-control hubbub and the possible counter-reactions to legislation should give one pause. What will you say, if/when the camel’s back is broken?

Also, check out Jack’s book, The Way of Men.

Davis Aurini, of nearly all the contributors to the fringe-right, will challenge your brain the most. In this video, he introduces Strauss and Howe’s Generational Theory, and why he thinks we’re in for some very challenging times ahead.
Also, check out his blog and his novel, As I Walk These Broken Roads.



Just read a great post by Dr. Illusion over at Illusion of Sanity, titled Someone Else’s Problem.  This post explains the right attitude every guy should have towards work.  I know it’s an ideal I’ve fallen far short of in my own life, but as they say, tomorrow is another day… to make things right.

The first step in taking ownership is taking ownership of yourself. Just as the first step of mastery over your world is mastery of yourself.

Since this site is primarily a log for my own personal pleasure, I’m going to detail four projects I’m working towards, in anticipation of my 30th Birthday.  There are approximately 58 weeks until I turn 30 in early May, 2014.  Here they are:

  1. Health
  2. Reading
  3. Business
  4. Language

More details to follow, plus a description of what this blog is about and posting schedule, coming soon.

Just wanted to say hello and thank Matt Forney for the impetus to start a place for my own brain-farts.

View his post here:

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